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My main research areas are experimental phonetics and linguistic typology, especially tonal typology. I also have a strong interest in historical linguistics, and a lasting commitment to linguistic documentation--tapping the potential of the new technologies to provide reliable, high-quality databases of rare and endangered languages.

After completing a Ph. D. in Phonetics at the Labo de Phonétique et Phonologie, I was awarded a tenure position at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) as full-time researcher, starting in October 2006. I am now working at the LACITO-CNRS laboratory, a laboratory specialised in research into rare languages. At the LACITO, I continue to do fieldwork on Naxi and other languages of the Naish subgroup of Sino-Tibetan, and to investigate synchronic and diachronic issues raised by languages of the Sino-Tibetan and Austroasiatic families. 

The years I spent at the Labo de Phonétique et Phonologie were very intense and rewarding. The academic environment there is magnificent. Students at the lab have an opportunity to develop an awareness of all that has been accomplished in the history of phonetics/phonology since the pioneering times of the Abbé Rousselot, in the late 19th century, and the development of Praguian phonology in the 1920s and 1930s. The tuition I received there gave me a keen sense of all that there is still to be done. Great advances can be achieved by combining the insights of historical phonology (structural diachrony/functional approaches of language variation and change) with the great potential of present-day experimental devices and computing facilities. 

These pages are divided into three sections: research, resources, and fieldwork

(Link to a list of my publications, with PDF versions)

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欢 迎访问!我的中文名字叫米可,我是法国国 家科学院研究员,研究方 向是语言学,主要研究语音(语音学,音系学),2002年开始调查纳西语,2006年开始调查纳语(摩梭话)与拉热话(木里水田话)。我 调查过丽 江金山乡奉 科乡永 宁乡、凉山州木 里县项脚乡等。纳语组(包括纳西语、纳语和拉热话)很丰富,而且在我去本地调查的时 候有很好的合作对手给予了我大力帮助。我非常 感谢他们对我的帮助和友谊。

我在一些国际学术杂志上发表过关于纳语组语言的文章,都可以在这 里下载,并且能查到我记录的长篇语料等多媒体资料

我的简历可以在这里下载(DOCPDF)。几年前 有记者写过关于我的调查的简单介绍,我高兴地保留着这个小纪念

。我很关心的一个问题是如何能做很全面,很可靠的录音资料,从而让下一代也能听到很地道的语言资料。我觉得,保 存世界语言的丰富性是我们这一代的语言学家的责任。所以我很高兴能够参与法 国国家科学院口传语言与文化研究所的语音资料库,这一项造福子孙后代的大工程建设。


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